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Sallisaw Tree Service

The absolute best tree service Sallisaw has!

Welcome to Sallisaw Tree Service

When you need tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal and more, call Tree Service Sallisaw!

With professional tree services that are unmatched by the local competition, you can be sure to receive the best in town!

At Sallisaw Tree Service, our passion is trees and providing excellent customer service.
We are the tree company in Sallisaw you will want to hire for emergency service, regular tree maintenance and anything in between.

Call us today and find out for yourself how our team of tree specialist can give your property a facelift and keep your trees healthy! We provide fast, friendly and no-hassle free estimates!

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3 Reasons to Choose Sallisaw Tree Service

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We get it, finding a trusted tree service company in Sallisaw OK can be hard. With so many options to choose from, you might be wondering how do you pick a good tree care provider?
That is why at Sallisaw Tree Service, we have put together 3 reasons to choose us! Ultimately, these are the things to look for when selecting the right company for your trees and needs.

1.  We are insured and bonded! While you may be thinking that having liability insurance is a no brainer, you would be surprised how many tree companies near you that are not covered. This leaves you, the customer, vulnerable to liability if an accident should occur. Protect yourself by selecting an insured tree care provider! That is why Sallisaw Tree Service maintains insurance that protects our customers and our employees.

2.  We provide accurate estimates! With years of experience comes the ability to estimate tree service costs so there are no surprises. After all, surprises have a time and a place but when it comes to how much tree trimming costs we make sure to do our best to provide an accurate estimate!

3.  We stand behind our work 100%! Each customer is valuable to us and impressing you with our tree service means we win a customer for life! Not to mention how much we depend on referrals from our valued customers. With all the being said, at Sallisaw Tree Service, we make every effort to provide the ultimate in tree care with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

A Local Tree Company Nearby

Sallisaw Oklahoma is a great place to offer our tree services.  As part of Sequoyah County, Sallisaw has deep historical roots which makes it a quaint town to live in!

When you need tree care, you need a company that is nearby and provides excellent service.  At Sallisaw Tree Service, we hope to be just the company you are looking for to meet all your tree needs!

If your trees are looking shabby or you are concerned about the health of your property, give our tree care experts a call and we will provide you with a free estimate.

As a local tree company in Sallisaw, Ok, we know the area tree types very well and thus know the best tree care techniques for your property!

More importantly, we are a local tree company that knows our friends and neighbors in Sallisaw, and we strive to the best job for them no matter the size of their properties, big or small!

The Sallisaw Tree Trimming Experts

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We are the Sallisaw tree trimming experts!

You have to be careful with whom you let modify and care for your trees because they are a major investment in your property and, when not cared for properly, can become a liability.

There are different tree care needs because there are different tree species that require different things to ensure their health and beauty.

Knowing how much to trim a tree and where based on the tree type is critical to not only achieving the results you are looking for when shaping your tree but also keeping your tree looking amazing all year round!

If you are in need of tree trimming and are looking for affordable tree care in Sallisaw, OK; look no further than Sallisaw Tree Service!

Call us today for a free consultation and estimate!

How Pruning Your Trees Help

You may be wondering how pruning your trees help them to be healthier and better looking.

Pruning your trees not only helps them to be more productive, both for flowering trees and fruit trees, but protects them by limiting access to environmental factors that can compromise your tree’s health.

Pruning your trees is different from tree trimming in that tree pruning is done to encourage growth during peak season while keeping them safer from extreme weather (like those bitter cold, windy Sallisaw winter nights), pests, and other concerns.

And, like tree trimming, an expert is needed to properly prune your trees to avoid causing severe damage that can lead to a serious compromise of your tree’s health; that’s us!

Call us today for expert tree trimming that won’t burden your schedule or your bank account!

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Do you Need Tree Removal Services?

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Do you need tree removal services but aren’t sure where to turn or who to trust with your property?

No matter why you are in need of tree removal services; whether you continue to have roots grow into your plumbing, have a dead tree that poses a fall risk, or simply no longer want a tree on your property: Sallisaw Tree Service has got you covered!

We are the local tree company in Sallisaw that is known for affordable, fast, and most importantly, safe tree removal service!

The reach of your tree’s root reach depends on a number of factors like height and species but no matter what your situation; Sallisaw Tree Service has what it takes to complete your tree removal needs!

Are You Stumped by Your Tree Stump?

Tree stump removal leaves many people scratching their heads when it comes to what to do about this common issue.

Why is stump removal a good thing to have done for your property?

In addition to the obvious (and sometimes not so obvious) trip hazard, a stump left in the ground is a breeding ground for termites that can spread to you property, potentially dealing thousands of dollars in damage to your home!

In some cases a root system can survive the loss of the tree above and continue to grow which can lead to plumbing damage and other problems.

Protect the integrity and value of your home and call Sallisaw Tree Service today for affordable tree stump removal!

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Affordable Tree Care Near You!

We are the number one source for affordable tree care near you!

Everyone claims they offer value and affordability, but how does Sallisaw Tree Service actually provide affordable tree care near you?

1.  Always Safe- A commitment to always being safe is good no matter what you are doing, and as it relates to tree care (especially tree removal) we have methods and standard operating procedures we follow to make sure that happens. We keep our people safe and working, as well as making every effort to protect your property while on site.

2.  Always on Time- Punctuality is a trademark of professional service, but also ensures the highest profitability for us as well as the highest value for you! By showing up on time, every time, we get our work down without delay which saves everyone money!

3.  Always the Right Tools for the Job- By having the right equipment ready to go for the specific task to be completed, we save time and money in not having to delay and complete your tree care needs quickly and efficiently!

4.  Always Communicating – Staying in communication is also a crucial aspect of professionalism, and Sallisaw Tree Service believes that sticking to this principle in everything we do makes us more successful. We enjoy a thriving relationship with our friends and neighbors and are always ready to adjust our tree care service schedule to accommodate yours!

These always promises, our continually evolving tree care methods and techniques, and a number of other smart business practices have all contributed to making Sallisaw Tree Service the most affordable tree care provider near you!

When Do You Call a Local Tree Company?

So when do you call a local tree company? Right now if you are still reading this!

Seriously, it is time to call a local tree company when the following situations occur:

  • A tree has died and is a potential fall hazard
  • Your trees branches obstruct your view or are hanging over someone else’s property line
  • You have flowering or fruit trees that you want to be more productive
  • You have a bothersome tree stump removal need
  • A tree on you property continues to cause plumbing issues with root growth
  • Termites have been found in a tree stump or dead tree on your property
  • And Many More Issues

Sallisaw Tree Service is here to make sure that your entire local tree care needs are met affordably and quickly, and that you are left with a more beautiful looking property when we leave!

Call us today!